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Pregnancy is a life-transforming experience for all females and the paramount way to approach pregnancy would be to stay informed about numerous aspects of it. Pregnancy is a time of remarkable transformation. From the beginning, it prompts innumerable changes in the body which can be very puzzling to females. Though the physical and emotional facets of being pregnant can be awe-inspiring, there can be several doubts and many practical decisions to make too, like place of delivery? what kind of birth process? All this can be dealt with smoothly under the assistance of a veteran Gynecologist and Obstetrician, Dr. Sanita Mishra.

Antenatal Healthcare Visits

Antenatal visits and investigation helps the doctor to identify any high risk factors at the earliest so that proper counselling and treatment can be started. These visits help the doctor to monitor the well being of the mother and the growing baby in the womb. The first antenatal visit is generally lengthier than the others and during this visit a comprehensive history is taken from the mother-to-be. During this visit, one can anticipate a general physical examination, a few lab tests, calculation of due date and a schedule for antenatal care.

In addition to the standard pregnancy scans and examinations, you might be offered supplementary checks, either as elective assessments if you are at risk of any complications, or as additional monitoring of your baby. The significant thing to remember is to discuss any apprehensions you have with your doctor as they are there to assist in making your pregnancy as healthy and pleasurable as possible. You can refer Dr. Sanita Mishra – A trusted antenatal care doctor for further assistance and guidance.